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Explore, collect and trade NFTs - Solanart

Explore, collect and trade NFTs - Solanart

The first NFT marketplace on Solana is Solanart. Explore, buy, and sell NFTs from a variety of collections and artists in a matter of seconds.

With the Solana network as its foundation, Solanart is fully-fledged NFT marketplace that allows anyone to buy and sell Solana-based NFTs (non-fungible tokens). In order to help promote artists and creators, Solanart provides them with a safe place to sell their work. Solanart's mission is to help artists and creators share their art by offering a trustless marketplace.

Solanart makes it easy to get your hands on digital collectibles. People can use Solanart to search for and purchase NFTs from a variety of collections and artists.

How does it work?

Your NFT is stored on a 'Temporary Account' owned by the marketplace program and added to a database that stores the sale data when you put it up for auction. In the event that someone buys your NFT, you will receive a SOL payment and your NFT will be sent to the buyer. On-chain and off-chain data are used by Solanart. NFTs for sale on the main page are displayed using off-chain data, while NFTs for sale in the 'My NFTs for sale' section of the 'Wallet' tab are displayed using on-chain data. All NFTs can be quickly and easily sorted by attributes such as price, oldest or newest sale date, etc. by using the database for the main page. An on-chain data experience is more secure and decentralized than data that is stored elsewhere. Decentralization is possible, but the Solana Network's request limit prevents it from displaying multiple thousands of NFTs for sale on the main page with filters, which is currently the case.