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Which Cryptocurrency Worth Investment, and Which Cloud Mining is Best?

Which Cryptocurrency Worth Investment, and Which Cloud Mining is Best?

​Many newcomers who have just entered the cryptocurrency circle are hesitating, which cryptocurrency has investment potential? Which cloud mining is best? In fact, as an emerging financial asset, cryptocurrency has undergone relatively large changes. No one is sure, but you might as well take a look at the holding rate on the market as proof of your investment decision.

Which cloud mining is best? Which country in the world loves cryptocurrency the most? The answer may be beyond your expectation. It is not developed countries such as Europe and America, but Nigeria has the highest holding rate. In fact, it is very reasonable for developing countries to favor digital currencies because digital currencies can best show that they can resist the risk of currency abuse and inflation leading to currency depreciation. According to the latest Finder cryptocurrency adoption index, in October 2021, Nigeria had the highest cryptocurrency ownership rate (24.2%), with one-quarter of adult online users owning some form of cryptocurrency.

So which cloud mining is best? In Nigeria, the most popular is Bitcoin (BTC), which accounts for 66.5% of adult online users holding cryptocurrency; the second is Ethereum (ETH), accounting for 23.8%; Dogecoin ( DOGE) ranked third, accounting for 21.8%. In addition, among Nigerian adult online users who own cryptocurrency, the proportion of men is 62.9% and the proportion of women is 37.1%.


Which cloud mining is best? Before this, Nigeria also launched Africa's first cryptocurrency, eNaira (eNaira). Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari announced last Monday that Nigeria will officially launch the digital version of the new currency, the manara, originally scheduled to be implemented in early October.

Nigeria is the economy with the largest GDP in Africa and the most populous country on the continent (over 200 million inhabitants). Together with Ghana, it has become a pioneer on the continent. Since September, Ghana has been testing its e-Cedi as a new means of currency exchange. Nigeria stated that it has become the first country in Africa to introduce cryptocurrency and one of the first countries in the world to introduce cryptocurrency for citizens. The President said that the new cryptocurrency will improve cross-border trade, promote financial inclusion for people outside the formal economy, and increase remittances.


With cryptocurrency, Nigerians mainly want to escape the continuous depreciation of naira (Nigerian currency) in recent years. They also make it easier for them to obtain funds from overseas diasporas or transfer their savings abroad. Which cloud mining is best? Central banks around the world are seeking to create digital versions of their currencies, called CBDCs, to cope with the growth of online payments and to compete with cryptocurrencies that are beyond the control of governments and global regulators.