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Cryptocurrency prices today: ApeCoin extends losses, Bitcoin near $41,450

Cryptocurrency prices today: ApeCoin extends losses, Bitcoin near $41,450

The cryptocurrency market seemed vulnerable on 20th March, while some previous gains were erased when the global market capital reached 1.86 trillion USD, a 1.92 percent reduction on the last day.

According to CoinMarketCap, the entire volume of the crypto market on the previous day was 80.08 billion USD, which marked a decrease of 5.23 percent. The total volume is 13.89 billion USD in the Decentralized Finance, 17.34 percent of volume in twenty-four hours in the total cryptocurrency market. The volume of the stable coins remains at 66.97 billion USD, which is 83.63 percent of volume over twenty-four hours in the total market of cryptocurrency.

According to the market capitalization of crypto markets, the top ten baskets weighed on larger markets. Bitcoin was 1.3 percent down and traded at slightly over 41450 USD. However, the dominance of **Bitcoin **remained at 42.17 percent on 20th March, which was an increase of 0.26 percent through the day.

BNB, Avalanche, Solana, Ethereum, and Cordona went down 2-5 percent. At the same time, USD coin, Tether, Terra, and XRP went down to one percent from flat.

ApeCoin was trending that week on the crypto market. ApeCoin was launched earlier that week as the exclusive cryptocurrency of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. This digital currency is an ERC-20 token utilized within the APE system. Besides, ApeCoin is the governance token of the ecosystem allowing coin holders to take part in ApeCoin DAO.

ApeCoin had gone down over 20 percent, decreasing from the skyrocketed level on 17th March when it was added to the top hundred crypto world. On 20th March, however, it was out from the top forty clubs while maintaining its 46th position as the most valuable cryptocurrency with market capital.

On 17th March, the market capitalization of ApeCoin was about 4.1 billion USD, making it the 33rd largest cryptocurrency token across the globe. From 14th to 19th March, the crypto market experienced remarkable traction when most digital tokens had notable gains. Even Bitcoin crossed over the level of 42000 USD.