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Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: Bitcoin May Up To $50,000 In March As Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, BNB And XRP Experience Extreme Volatility

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: Bitcoin May Up To $50,000 In March As Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, BNB And XRP Experience Extreme Volatility

During the previous week, the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has fluctuated wildly due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

A rise of interest from Russian billionaires and oligarchs has pushed the price of bitcoin up from $35,000 to $45,000 per bitcoin this week, following a slump to $35,000 per bitcoin last week. Other top 10 cryptocurrencies, including as ethereum, BNB, solana, cardano, and XRP, have also been subjected to extreme price fluctuation.

As concerns grow about the Russia-Ukraine scenario, the price of bitcoin has fallen back. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency speculators are, on the other hand, buoyed and making bold price predictions.

DeVere CEO Nigel Green predicted that the price of bitcoin would touch $50,000 by the end of March, and he cited "no reason" why it wouldn't, according a press release sent to CNNMoney.

"If $68,000 is the all-time record high in November 2021, then it's premature to say so. However, the world and the crypto industry have been expanding at a quick pace recently, so $50,000 to $68,000 isn't much of a leap. Certainly."

The Ukraine-Russia conflict has caused "massive financial turmoil," according to Green.

There are threats to steal personal wealth to pay for war and the major international payment system SWIFT is armed, he claimed. "Banks are closing. ATMs are running out of money," he went on to say that the dollar's "reserve status" "may, in the end, be in risk."

As a result of Jerome Powell's comments that the Federal Reserve will proceed with predicted interest rate rises this month, bitcoin and crypto markets have been impacted, as have equity markets.

Alex Kuptsikevich, a senior financial analyst at FxPro, argues that cryptocurrency is "building a correction." "Stock indices fell as the Federal Reserve hinted at a tightening policy, resulting in further pressure on the crypto market. An additional set of technical factors contributing to the downward trend was the inability to break through the significant resistance of the 100-day moving average and the mid-February highs over $45,000."

According to Messari analysts, "bitcoin appeared to be uncoupled from the S&P 500, pointing at the potential that demand for the digital gold alternative has fuelled demand for the industry-wide gain."

The price of a bitcoin must rise above $44,000 per bitcoin before the "bullish" impetus resumes.

Bitcoin "traded off to retest the 20-day moving average at about $41,000 after the amazing 32 percent advance over the past week," Sotiriou at the UK-based digital asset dealer GlobalBlock said. With a daily closing below $44,600, Bitcoin failed to make a new high. Bitcoin's daily time scale is bearish until it regains this level.

Investors' interest for Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies waned after Russia escalated its war on Ukraine on Friday.

Bitcoin was trading at $41,400, down 4.72 percent from its previous close. It was down 6.18 percent at $2,730 for the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum.

XRP was down 3.65%, Solana was down 7%, Avalanche was down 5%, Cardano was down 5%, Polkadot was down 4%, and Stellar was down 5%, among other cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin, Polygon, and Shiba Inu were all down 5%, 4%, and 4%, respectively, on the cryptocurrency market today.


Meanwhile, the Chinese central bank is preparing to allow trials of the digital Yuan money in several towns and provinces. The potential function of digital assets and cryptocurrencies has been brought to light as a result of the economic sanctions imposed on Russia.

Tips for Indian Bitcoin buyers

"This week, the price of Bitcoin has fallen below $42,000. US$2,700 is the current price of Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency. As Russia steps up its onslaught, most of the market's cryptocurrencies are also falling "Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Mudrex, Edul Patel, explained the situation.

"Keep BTC over US$37,000 to maintain the recovery phase. There are few symptoms of weariness in the crypto market, which might keep short-term buyers active "Patel commented.

While trade volumes plummeted 10.69 percent to $85.22 billion, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization fell 5.21 percent to $1.83 trillion over the last 48 hours.

Around 17.08 percent of the cryptocurrency market's 48-hour trade volume occurred in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space in the last 48 hours. Stablecoin trading volume totaled $71.87 billion, or 84.33 percent of the 48-hour cryptocurrency trading volume.

In response to Russia's intensification of its assault on Ukraine, global cryptocurrency markets fell once more. The Russians captured the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson and stepped up their assaults on Kiev and Kharkiv.

The currency was trading at $41,430.77 when the market opened on March 4th, down 0.11 percent from its previous dominance of 43.06 percent.

Bitcoin plummeted by 5.19 percent to Rs 32,65,396 in rupees, while Ethereum fell by 7.04 percent to Rs 2,15,643.5 in rupee terms.

Cryptocurrency crowdfunding attempts in Ukraine have now raised $50.9 million, according to blockchain analytics platform Elliptic statistics. According to a blog post by Elliptic, a non-profit that supports Ukraine's military, the government and an NGO have raised $50.9 million from more than 89,000 crypto asset donations since the Russian invasion began.

The Ukrainian government's official Twitter account stated on February 26 that it was "now taking cryptocurrency donations," and that marked the beginning of the country's crypto crowdfunding drive.

Interested parties were provided with a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet address when the Ukrainian government originally declared it would take cryptocurrency donations. According to blockchain records, $10 million and $16 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum have already been sent to those two addresses.

Distinction was also made in the auction that began on February 26 and finished on March 2 for Ukraine DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. Today, the amount is worth approximately $6.4 million after a market slump. Alona Shevchenko, a Ukrainian activist living in England, is the brains of Ukraine DAO, which was launched last month. Shevchenko claims that Ukraine DAO was formed when she met members of the digital artist collective PleasrDAO and Nadya Tolokonnikova, the founder of the conceptual protest art group, Pussy Riot.

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has expressed her displeasure with some crypto exchanges that have not barred Russian users.

On MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, Clinton lamented the fact that some so-called crypto exchanges are continuing to trade with Russia after the country's annexation of Crimea.