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​Why Is Cloud Mining Lifetime Contract So Popular?

​Why Is Cloud Mining Lifetime Contract So Popular?

​Blockchain is a basic technology invented as the infrastructure of Bitcoin. Since then, the cryptocurrency industry chain represented by Bitcoin has also developed from nothing to nothing. Relevant industries and cloud mining lifetime contracts have become increasingly diversified and their scales have continued to expand. With the development of technology and the market, the cryptocurrency created by blockchain technology is no longer limited to Bitcoin. But for now, Bitcoin far surpasses other cryptocurrencies in terms of the degree of development of the industrial chain, global influence, or users. Because the editor only participates in Bitcoin, this section will discuss the mining of Bitcoin for your reference and learning.

Regarding the mining of bitcoin, that is, the cloud mining lifetime contract belongs to the upstream industry of Bitcoin. In this part, related companies in China currently have an absolute advantage. Seventy percent of the world's computing power on the Internet is in China, which is not casual.

With the development of the mining industry and the expansion of the cloud mining lifetime contract of the entire network, mining can also be mined from computer CPUs, and now it is necessary to use professional mining machines to mine. With the birth of professional mining machines and occupying the mainstream position of mining equipment. Soon professional mining machines transitioned from a programmable gate array (FPGA) to a high-performance application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). Moreover, the functional parameters of ASIC mining machines are constantly evolving, and mining machines with more powerful computing power are constantly being developed and put into the market, and at the same time, old mining machines with low mining efficiency are eliminated.


Nowadays, if you don't use professional mining machines, mining is actually no longer feasible. Let's make a simple estimate. With the current difficulty, if you use the CPU to mine, it will probably take 1.5 million years of non-stop calculations to have a chance of success once. Therefore, for miners, purchasing high-efficiency mining machines is the first step in mining.

If you want to set up your own mine, in addition to purchasing mining machines, you still need certain technical requirements. It is also necessary to find convenient and low-cost power resources, after all, electricity bills account for a considerable part of the mining costs. If you need a certain amount of cloud mining lifetime contract to mine for yourself, the cost is still quite expensive.


For individuals, the threshold for mining is getting higher and higher. Therefore, a cloud mining lifetime contract model emerged. Simply put, a cloud mining lifetime contract is a personal investment of money, and then the cloud mining lifetime contract platform will help you complete the remaining things-including buying machines, running the mine and performing maintenance, etc. Generally speaking, cloud mining lifetime contract models include managed mining machine mining, virtual host mining, and rented computing power mining. At present, the rented computing power model is the most common. The cloud mining lifetime contract model can solve the problem of too high a funding threshold for mining technology for ordinary people, and at the same time solve (part of) the funding problem for the corresponding platform. Therefore, from the business model, cloud mining lifetime contract has room for survival.

Among them, cloud computing power mining is the simplest mining mode with the least investment. Cloud computing power mining is a product that packs computing power resources that run after the mining machine is hosted in the mine. Miners do not need to be exposed to the complicated matters in the operation and maintenance of the mining machine, such as the mining machine, the mining farm, and the electricity fee. Human resources can obtain corresponding benefits. Leasing to purchase computing power is equivalent to leasing mining machines, and computing power will never be shut down. The mining farm always has back computing power, even if the mining machine needs maintenance, it will allocate other computing power to mine for you.

Regarding the different mining modes, everyone knows the same, and cloud mining lifetime contract has their own advantages and disadvantages. It also depends on which situation suits your own situation.