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Cloud Mining Guide - What kind of cryptocurrency does the institution hold?

Cloud Mining Guide - What kind of cryptocurrency does the institution hold?

​A virtual currency usually refers to a cryptocurrency that has attracted global attention. It is an asset that can be used for payment in the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc., and some countries even regard Bitcoin, one of the types of cryptocurrency, as their own country. What kind of cryptocurrency does the institution hold? You need a cloud mining guide.

According to Dune Analytics' monitoring data and cloud mining guide on the wallets of multiple investment institutions and institutional investors (hereinafter referred to as institutions), a16z, Alameda, Arca, Multicoin Capital, Three Arrow Capital, and the Ethereum Foundation hold a total of 153 cryptocurrencies, of which three Arrow Capital holds 125 currencies such as AAVE, DYDX, and MKR. Secondly, ParaFi, Alameda, and Arca also hold more than 25 currencies. Although the wallet addresses monitored by a16z, Ethereum Foundation, and Multicoin Capital have fewer currency holdings, their actual currency holdings should be more abundant than monitored.

From the perspective of assets and cloud mining guide, a total of 55 types of cryptocurrencies are held by two or more institutions, accounting for approximately 35.95% of the total assets. Among them, PERP and MKR are the two most assets held by institutions, and 5 institutions are holding them respectively. Secondly, YFI, SUSHI, SNX, ALPHA, and AAVE are also held by 4 institutions. 14 types of assets including COMP, BNB, and UNI are held by 3 institutions.

From the perspective of the types of institutional currency holdings, the DeFi concept currency is the most common type of cryptocurrency, including most of the head applications, such as MKR, YFI, SUSHI, SNX, UNI, etc., as well as popular derivative applications, which could be a cloud mining guide. Such as PERP, DYDX, ETHBULL, etc. Secondly, the platform currency of the exchange is also one of the preferred types of institutions, such as LEO, BNB, HT, OKB. In addition, from the perspective of the cloud mining guide, institutions are also paying attention to NFTs and other new applications, such as LDO, ENJ, AUDIO, and other types of cryptocurrencies are also held by many institutions.