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Cloud Mining Bitcoin Sites - How to Get Bitcoin?

Cloud Mining Bitcoin Sites - How to Get Bitcoin?

​How do you get Bitcoin, and where to find cloud mining bitcoin sites? What are the Bitcoin trading platforms? I believe this is what many investors who want to enter this industry want to know. Today, let’s talk about how to obtain Bitcoin and what are the Bitcoin trading platforms.

Bitcoin is currently one of the most well-known virtual currencies, but the price of Bitcoin is not fixed, but changes according to the market. Major exchanges can trade 24 hours a day, so their price changes all the time. Not long ago, with the listing of Bitcoin ETF funds, Bitcoin broke through a new high of $66,000, but it is currently adjusted to around $58,000.

Bitcoin is not cheap. One Bitcoin is equivalent to one year's income of nationals in some countries. But on March 12th last year, the price of Bitcoin was only 3,800 US dollars, which has doubled dozens of times in just one year. Price guarantee has made many investors outside the circle eager to have Bitcoin, but how can Bitcoin be obtained? What are the Bitcoin trading platforms? Let's briefly talk about it below.

The first method is mining, which includes purchasing mining machines by yourself or purchasing cloud computing power mining services from cloud mining bitcoin sites. The advantage is that the cost is lower, but as Bitcoin has been halved many times, it has become more and more difficult for home computers to mine Bitcoin, so more and more people begin to join cloud mining from cloud mining bitcoin sites. It is quite a long time for ordinary investors to mine, but it will be much faster with cloud mining.

The second way is to obtain bitcoins through transactions. Where to find cloud mining bitcoin sites? OXBTC is such a cloud mining service provider, it is very simple and fast. Bitcoin can be purchased directly through over-the-counter transactions on some well-known exchanges, or directly offline with investors who have Bitcoin, but the platform is more secure.

The current way to obtain bitcoin is the above two. In the current situation, it is easier to obtain bitcoin through trading than mining, but it is low-cost to mine Bitcoin through cloud mining bitcoin sites.