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Chia Mining: Quick return on costs, stable income

Chia Mining: Quick return on costs, stable income

The founder of CHIA is Bram Cohen, the founder of BT (Bittorrent). CHIA was founded in 2017 and is committed to developing an improved blockchain and intelligent trading platform. The CHIA network is built to advance the global financial and payment system, and become the first enterprise-level digital cash in the blockchain field. For CHIA Mining, which mining machine and mining pool should be chosen? Let’s discuss the topic of CHIA mining today.

CHIA adopts the specific programming language Chialist, and uses this to develop the Chia public chain, which supplements all the shortcomings and deficiencies of the two public chains of BTC and Eth. At the same time, Chia combines BTC's peer-to-peer trading and Eth's Functions such as smart contracts and Fil's distributed storage have reasonably solved enterprise-level usage problems, and provided a broad foundation and necessary conditions for the true landing of the blockchain. The first time-space verification has reasonably realized energy saving and made Chia more environmentally friendly.

CHIA Mining Machine.png

CHIA's revenue per block is 64 XCH coins every 10 minutes, and 21 million pieces are used as a strategic reserve. Mining output is halved every 3 years, and 4XCH coins will be produced every 10 minutes from the 13th year. . CHIA's block generation mechanism is similar to other mining currencies. Users with low mining machine computing power cannot guarantee block generation. Joining the mining pool and performing cluster management can effectively protect their own profits.

OXBTC is currently one of the largest CHIA mining energy-saving cloud computing mining pool in Asia. It gathers top Internet and blockchain technology operations teams at home and abroad to build the world's largest CHIA ecological energy-saving mine. Pool, and one of the world's largest aggregate cloud computing platform with the largest user scale.

In response to the unique mining machine mechanism of CHIA, OXBTC mining pool has customized a customized model with high performance, cost-effectiveness and high computing power, up to 240GB SSD system disk, Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 enterprise-level hardware, and 16 16GB DDR4 RDIMMs. You are winning on the hardware and enjoy the CHIA mining ecology. The specific parameters of the mining machine are as follows:

**Chia Mining Machine - Parameters**

Name:BTC Bitmain Antminer T17+

Miner Efficiency:0.055KW/THS

Miner:Antminer T17

Maintenance fee:Depends on the actual situation


Platform commision:Before payback 0%, after payback 30% of net income.


Products Delivery date:2021-08-08(T+10)

Min. order:1THS

Profits Delivery Date:The actual settlement time of mining pool

Electric Fee:$0.0750/KWH

Contract term:Perpetual

Income Allocation

Expected Daily Profits = 0.00000933 BTC ($0.37)/Day

settlement formula:

Electricity Price \*24H\*the Quantity of Hashrate

Expected Daily Profits\*Commission Rate

(Expected Daily Profits-Daily Electricity Fees+Maintenance Fees) \* The Quantity of Hashrate

At the same time, in response to the user’s capital withdrawal needs, OXBTC mining pool has launched an investment method that quickly returns the cost. Before the user returns the cost, the user is free of technical service fees, and the delivery of the mining machine is completed within 15 days, and the P-disk packaging is completed in 15 days. Allow users to quickly return to their costs and turn on the CHIA mining mode.