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Chia Mining: Full Cloud computing power delivered

Chia Mining: Full Cloud computing power delivered

As a Top-level ecological project in 2021, Chia mining is undergoing brutal growth. The cloud computing power of the entire blockchain has increased from 500 PiB more than a month ago to the current 13800 PiB. With the gradual and stable growth of the project, the ecological construction has started to be on the right track. In order to facilitate the admission of the majority of miners and participate in the Chia node blockchain ecology, OXBTC Cloud Computing's Chia mining Supercomputing Matrix was officially launched.

**full computing power delivery, quickly enter the mining mode**

Time is money, this motto is especially true for Chia mining. Every day of delay, the miner’s loss is incalculable. The faster the P disk (the hard disk writes the hash data required for Chia storage), the more the quicker the cloud computing power is obtained, the faster the accumulation of computing power, the more profit. The world martial arts, only fast is not broken, OXBTC cloud computing Chia supercomputing matrix, full computing power delivery, the fastest delivery of mining in the entire blockchian, 30-40 days faster than other platforms in the entire network to complete the P-disk writing, so your funds are quickly returned to the circulation, and Chia ecological mining is performed extremely quickly to obtain more benefits.

CHIA Mining Machine - 2.png

**Chia Mining Parameters**

Name:BTC Bitmain Antminer T17+

Miner Efficiency:0.055KW/THS

Miner:Antminer T17

Maintenance fee:Depends on the actual situation


Platform commision:Before payback 0%, after payback 30% of net income.


Products Delivery date:2021-08-08(T+10)

Min. order:1THS

Profits Delivery Date:The actual settlement time of mining pool

Electric Fee:$0.0750/KWH

Contract term:Perpetual

Income Allocation

Expected Daily Profits = 0.00000933 BTC ($0.37)/Day

settlement formula:

Electricity Price \*24H\*the Quantity of Hashrate

Expected Daily Profits\*Commission Rate

(Expected Daily Profits-Daily Electricity Fees+Maintenance Fees)\*the Quantity of Hashrate

**Risk Warnings**

1\. In the actual operation of the miner, the hashrate may be insufficient due to electricity failure or machine failure, and the risk shall be shared by all users who subscribe for the product;

2\. Electricity costs may fluctuate due to changes in national policies and electricity costs, OXBTC reserves the right to adjust electricity fees.

3\. OXBTC has no obligation to compensate for early termination of contracts caused by force majeure such as legal policy, war, earthquake, fire, power failure and etc.

**Top technical support, fastest P disk writing**

The main work of the P disk is completed by the CPU, and the efficiency of the CPU determines the efficiency of writing to the P disk. Cloud Computing uses a high-frequency, multi-threaded CPU to make P disk more efficient. Cloud Computing’s extremely fast P disk mode allows users to join matrix mining faster, as a US stock and A-share listed company, the world's top computing power platform built by Silicon Valley Internet elites, OXBTC Cloud Computing is always driven by technology and based on user interests. Unlike some platforms on the market, OXBTC Cloud Computing promises to complete computing power in several days delivery, quick access to the network for mining, allowing users to obtain more benefits.

**Chia's strongest computing power network, supercomputing matrix**

As the top IDC computer room of OXBTC Cloud Computing, the CHIA supercomputer matrix adopts enterprise-level network configuration and military-grade computing power, and is committed to building the strongest CHIA computing power network in the entire network. Overseas nodes are not afraid of policy changes, and at the same time, compared to domestic physical mining machines, the output is higher and stable. OXBTC Cloud Computing has the strongest Chia mining computing power in the entire network. The strongest Chia node in the entire network, ready to go, looking forward to your joining!