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BTC price returns to $43K — 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week

BTC price returns to $43K — 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week

A celebration with caution is there as Bitcoin steers clear from diving back into the recent trading scale while the dollar and inflation form significant points of interest.

Bitcoin (BTC) was seen in a tumultuous mode when the week's close kept the bull's cause afloat and wiped out the downside of several weeks. The question arises whether it might continue higher.

After the challenging USD 42000 in the weekend, when higher levels were still in the game, there was an optimistic sense, although cautious. The fresh push was seen on Sunday when the progress overnight attacked USD 43000 before the fresh consolidation.

As the Wall Street open of Monday prepared to deliver new turbulence in the high technology stocks seen lately in the last week, the crypto trading environment looks interesting in February.

Judging by the positive correlation, Bitcoin is quite sensitive to going up and down although equities decline to move in a similar direction unanimously.

As for guidance, the crypto holders can still recall the lows in January, so do the analysts who did not discount the possibility to return to USD 30000.

With about a week's reckoning for the latest profits ahead, looking at the Bitcoin market there are five forces currently in-game to help determine where the price action of BTC goes next.

The Major Breakdown Dodged By Bitcoin

The weekend action cannot match the newfound bullishness of Bitcoin even though its remarkably low volume provides smooth ground for both the "fakedowns" and "fakeouts". As support, USD 40000 was held and the analysts were interested to find USD 41000 established to move forward as a basis for a longer term.

Pentoshi, an analyst and trader quoted that according to him, as long as the BTC/USD holds 39000 as per the previous statement, then yearly open is up next and in his opinion, eighty percent of alts would lag while twenty percent would follow or lead.

2022 yearly open stands at about USD 46200, something that is getting close after the BTC/USD tore through the weekend resistance zone while hitting a local high of USD 43070 on the Bitstamp.

Credible Crypto, the fellow trader and analyst believes in the latest action that can give proof that Bitcoin is starting its 5th in a series of impulsive moves dating back a few years.

He added that if that is the case, altcoins might initially go from the limelight while BTC

runs with the classic bull performance. According to him, if his thesis was correct, and $BTC is actually commencing the final fifth wave, it might steal the show ultimately, pump vigorously while altcoins take the initial hit but then will catch up just like the last 2 impulses i.e. to 3-14000 and 12-65000.

If you look at the downside, the top guns might have the answer. According to monitored on-chain data resource Whalemap, the region around USD 38000 has been a remarkable area of interest for the whales who began to add to positions last week.

At USD 43000, BTC/USD is at its highest since 17th January. It is the largest cryptocurrency that erased the losses of over two weeks within days.

### **

Before The CPI Readout Of January Inflation Remains Real**

The stocks have formed a springboard for the exit of Bitcoin from the USD 30000-40000 corridor in the last week but the major assets are "up only". Among the big tech, losses of Meta and gains of Amazon were keys to providing a significant dichotomy which Bitcoin used for advantage ultimately.

Will the trend continue another week? While oil is at a continuous high, stocks are running and inflationary narratives are rising alongside. According to Peter Brandt, a veteran trader, inflation is dominant over the feds as it is real and it is because of the massive liquidity added in the last two years. In terms of increasing rates, the Fed lags behind the curve in increasing rates. The 10-year note heads to 2.35 percent in the near term and 3 percent in the next few years.

Peter added that the inflation looks very much modest compared to the episodes in the last century although there is still a long way ahead.

Meanwhile, Pentoshi made a forecast about the price of oil going over USD 100 incoming. His tweet reads that oil seems to go to barrel more than USD 100 at the rate i.e. twenty percent increase in first five weeks of this year and thirteen percent in January and if the earlier inflation was loved, it will be loved even if the oil price goes above USD 100 as numbers of consumer goods go up.

Thus the Wall Street open can offer either some validation of the gains of Bitcoin or throw this party into turbulence again. After the best week of 2022 considered by the S&P 500, the future looks somewhat unpredictable.

Meanwhile, the data shows that the NASDAQ correlation of Bitcoin is gradually ebbing. According to Will Clemente, the 1D correlation of Bitcoin to NASDAQ is crashing from remarkably high levels.

On Thursday, the CPI (Consumer Price Index) data for January was released and if the figures are outside estimate, the data can trigger inflation further.

****Will Dollar Continue Diving? ****

Even though the stocks move over the weakness of early year, there is something afoot with U.S. Dollar.

Earlier this February, the winning spree spanning the entire year of 2021 had turned bad abruptly for the USD bulls. The DXY or Dollar Currency Index went downside in the U.S.

For the 1st time in more than a year, on passing 97, DXY experienced firm resistance and now it is back to below 95.6. Leaving a brief downfall during mid-January, it shows the lowest level while BTC/USD was at an all-time high of USD 69000 since the middle of September. On analyzing this current setup, Bob Loukas, a trader, entrepreneur and investor stated sceptically that it might be a trap with the interesting moved in the $USD and one thing was certain Price Action always remains ahead of events or macros that people think like the driving price. Traditionally Bitcoin is inversely correlated to DXY where any sudden return to the upside can easily undermine the price strength.

### **Short-term Holders Returning To Profit**

For those who genuinely looked for signs of a long-term Bitcoin price bottom, there is no need to surf through much data on-chain.

Root, the cycle and on-chain analytics account noted that the BTC portion that the short-term holders' control is starting to go up after going down to levels coinciding with the macro price lows. He added that macro bottom is likely in.

For the short-term holders, the SOPR or Spent Output Profit Ratio bounced above mark one after Christmas last year. It shows that on average, short-term holders are starting to sell at a profit instead of a loss.

In terms of profitability, about twenty-five percent supply of BTC is underwear in comparison with 16.7 percent supply bought between USD 30000 and USD 41500.

According to TXMC, a Twitter account, the on-chain analytics data from Glassnode firm has Bitcoin as top-heavy although the remedy was NumberGoUp!

### **Since The All-time Highs, First Exit Of Sentiment Eyes From Fear **

The higher and longer the price of Bitcoin is, the deeper impact it has on even a firm mindset.

The Crypto Fear And Grid Index spent the last month in "extreme fear" but now it has started to break out of that. This move marks the first shift of this index to the neutral region since the high record of November and for the last two and a half months, there is a reset sentiment.

The index was at 20/100 just a week ago while it now stands at 45/100 i.e. over double the normalized scale. History records that sustainable sentiment where traders avoid piling in to purchase or sell after a specific price action, remains in the measured price action of BTC. Traders like to go slow and steady to feel confident about a long-term trend.

On the Index Lows of January, Philip Swift, an analyst offered caution that charting the Fear and Greed rating against the price of Bitcoin denotes that its score is likely to be low at some points, which are not the price bottoms.