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3 Steps getting started in Axie Infinity

3 Steps getting started in Axie Infinity


Axie has a fully player owned economy allowing players to seamlessly sell and trade their game assets for digital currency. To enable this, Axie game assets exist as tokens.

The first step to play Axie Infinity is creating an Axie account with Ronin Wallet.

Create an Axie Account with Ronin Wallet

Set up Ronin Wallet

In order to store tokens, you must have a digital wallet to play the game. It is recommended to use Ronin Wallet. Ronin Wallet can be used on both desktop and mobile. You can also choose the version in "Getting started".


In this guide, we’ll be using the Chrome browser version. Add Ronin Wallet to Chrome extension and you need to get started with pop-up notice on the top right corner.


Turn to the set up page to start.


There are three simple steps to creating a wallet:

  • Firstly, enter your own password and confirm.

  • Secondly, back-up and memorize the given seed phrase. Keep them securely, once you lose the Seed Phrase, you'll lose access to your Axie Infinity assets. Anyone who has your Seed Phrase will have total control over your Axie Infinity assets.

  • Thirdly, put the correct phrase into the corresponding blank. Click the "Continue", you have completed the setting and have your Ronin Wallet.


After setting up the wallet, you can check it in your chrome extension, depositing, sending and swapping are supported.


Create an Axie account

1. Visit Axie Infinity and find Marketplace on the top banner.


You can also navigate to Axie Marketplace page and click on "Login" on the top left of the page.


2. Click "Login with Ronin Wallet" and confirm the pop-up request to your Ronin Wallet.


3. Welcome to Axie Infinity and you can customize your name of account.


4. After creating the account, you need to complete the information of binding email and login password.



5. Complete the puzzle and enter the code from the instant email you received from Axie Infinity.



Get Axies

Axies can be purchased on the official Axie Infinity marketplace.

You can filter the figure or type you want on the left zone and even check the axies in any order on the top right. Up to this guide, approximately 140,000, maybe more Axies exist in the world. In order to play the game, you’ll need at least 3 Axies.


In order to buy Axies you’ll need to have some of the digital currency Ether (ETH).

There are 2 ways to get your ETH into your Ronin Wallet:

1. Depositing from an Ethereum wallet to Ronin wallet via the Ronin Bridge. You’ll first need to buy ETH on a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Coinbase and then send it to your Ethereum address.

2. Buying ETH with Fiat on Ronin using Ramp Network. Note that this doesn’t not work in some countries.

Download the Application

Once you have 3 Axies you’re ready to download the application and start playing!

You can choose the version on desktop or mobile.


If you download on windows, install it and you will be asked to login Mavis Hub with your email address and password.


You can also login by scanning the QR code.


Want to start playing but not sure what to do next? Move on to the next guide to learn how to pick good Axies and start battling!